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Quarter Avenue

Quarter Avenue is a modern 'multi-tenant'office building next to the A10 ring road. A significant property renovation is underway and it will feature a brand new expanded lobby/hospitality area, updated main entry, full-time reception, updated elevator lobbies and more.

The building features floors of roughly 873 sq. m. each, with flexible configuration options. Spacious parking facilities in the adjacent parking lot and energy rating A.

Quarter Avenue 1
Quarter Avenue 2
Quarter Avenue 3
Quarter Avenue 4
Quarter Avenue 5

Flexible Layout

Because the elevators are located at the left of the center, the floors are divided into a large and a small office space. The Layout of the floors are flexible .

Level of finishing

Quarter Avenue has been renovated. The office floors are up to date and will stand the test of time. The entrance was refurbished by DZAP architects and is highly attractive. The quality of the finishing level is very high. Quarter Avenue comes with the following amenities and more:

  • Main entrance with automatic sliding doors and reception;
  • Cable- and wall ducts for data and telephony;
  • 3 elevator groups;
  • Threefold mechanical ventilation with top-cooling;
  • Sanitary facilities with the option for the lessee to add a pantry per storey;
  • Suspended ceiling with built-in light fittings;
  • Heating through a connection with the district heating network, through ceiling induction units with thermostatic radiator valves.